The Alpine Collective was founded in the winter of 2014 as a group of like-minded and respected local leaders, quickly becoming a community-based organization which focuses on enjoying our mountain town lifestyle, protecting our environment and supporting our economy.

Engaging our community through co-sponsorships, partnerships, and our own local events, the Alpine Collective aims to create a stronger, more engaged, sustainable mountain town.

Our inspiration comes from making lasting contributions to our community by creating a local culture of mountain change makers through events, music, sports, athletes, movies, speaker series and more.

The Alpine Collective utilizes our members passions and experiences to create opportunities for growth, partnerships, and as a source of inspiration for local people to follow their adventurous hearts and celebrate our mountain town.


· We believe in starting the conversation

· We believe in community collaboration & unified voice

· We believe progress should be met with celebration

· We believe balance is at the core of sustainability

· We believe in the preservation of our local culture

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